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AgroGalaxy is one of the main retail platforms of Ag Inputs and services focused on agribusiness in Brazil. It is engaged in the sale of Ag Inputs, seed production, origination, storage and sale of grains and the provision of agricultural services. With nationwide coverage, the Company has an integrated ecosystem, delivering products and offering unique solutions to meet the farmers’ needs. It is recognized for providing high value added products for its clients and for being the Brazilian farmers’ productivity partner.

Created through the acquisition of leading platforms across different regions in Brazil, the Company has integration benefits while maintaining the characteristics and original brands of each platform, in addition to the local track record and proximity to farmers. On June 30, 2023, the Company had 169 stores, Light Stores; 28 silos, with a grain storage unit in the seed processing unit; 3 own soybean plants; and 10 toolings units located in 14 Brazilian states, covering around 1,000 cities, consolidating the Company’s strong capillarity strategy in the country’s most strategic agribusiness regions and close relationships with farmers, thus delivering leading-edge solutions with agility.


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The Company was formed through the acquisition of leading companies in the regions where they operated, with a supply of recognized products and services, a solid client base and a Culture of commitment to Brazilian farmers. Since its first acquisition in 2016, the Company has concluded another four, in addition to acquiring assets and closing partnership deals. The local brands are managed with local autonomy and centralized coordination. The timeline below shows the Company’s milestones since its inception:

Our timeline

Acquisition of

In 2016, we acquired Rural Brasil, a major agricultural input distribution company located in the Brazilian cerrado region. In light of the relevance of agribusiness in the region and the extensive expertise the Company has developed since its inception in 1987, this acquisition represented a strategic step in our history. Rural Brasil operates in the Brazilian states of Mato Grosso (MT), Goiás (GO), Maranhão (MA) and Tocantins (TO).

Acquisition of

Founded in 1996 in the city of Londrina, in the state of Paraná, Agro100 was acquired in 2017. It has a strong presence in the distribution of agricultural inputs in the South region of Brazil, in addition to engaging in the receipt, processing and sale of grains. Agro100 operates in the states of Paraná (PR), Mato Grosso do Sul (MS) and São Paulo (SP).

Creation of

Creation of

Acquisition of

Operating in the states of Minas Gerais (MG) and São Paulo (SP), the agricultural input distribution company Grão de Ouro was acquired in 2018, expanding AgroGalaxy’s presence in the Southeast region of Brazil.

Acquisition of

Acquired in 2018, Agro Ferrari is an agricultural input distribution company founded in 1991. It strengthens our presence in the South and Southeast regions of Brazil operating in the states of São Paulo (SP) and Paraná (PR).

Acquisition of 70% of

In 2019, Sementes Campeã, a company engaged in the distribution of agricultural inputs and grain processing and storage, became part of AgroGalaxy.

Corporate restructuring of

Corporate restructuring that allowed the consolidation of the results of the platform companies under AgroGalaxy as of October.

Acquisition of

Reinforcing our presence in Mato Grosso do Sul state, we acquired 100% of Boa Vista, one of the main retailers of ag inputs in the State.

Acquisition of remaining 30% of

We acquired additional 30% of Sementes Campeã, holding 100% of its share capital.

Novo Mercado Listing (IPO)

Initial Public Offering and listing of our shares under the ticker AGXY3 in the Novo Mercado, B3's segment.

Acquisition of

Reinforcing our presence in Paraná state, we acquired 80% of Ferrari Zagatto, one of the main retailers of ag inputs in the State.

Acquisition of

Reinforcing our presence in Mato Grosso state, we acquired 80% of Agrocat, a company that sells agricultural pesticides and integrated solutions for Agribusiness.

Geographic footprint

Acre 0 shops
Amapá 0 shops
Amazonas 0 shops
Pará 5 shops
Rondônia 3 shops
Roraima 0 shops
Tocantins 6 shops
Alagoas 0 shops
Bahia 1 shops
Ceará 0 store
Maranhão 3 shops
Paraíba 0 shops
Pernambuco 0 store
Piauí 1 shops
Rio Grande do Norte 0 store
Sergipe 0 store
Distrito Federal 0 shops
Goiás 13 shops
Mato Grosso do Sul 22 store
Mato Grosso 19 shops
Espírito Santo 0 shops
Minas Gerais 25 shops
São Paulo 18 shops
Rio de Janeiro 0 shops
Paraná 52 shops
Rio Grande do Sul 0 shops
Santa Catarina 1 shops

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