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Welles Clóvis Pascoal Welles Clóvis Pascoal AgroGalaxy CEO

“We are committed to making ESG an fundamental part of our strategy, rather than something apart from it. It is vital to have practical actions that can be carried out in all departments of the Company as something organic and present on a daily basis. In 2022, we have made key commitments and targets/goals that have an impact on the compensation of our employees.”

Mauricio Puliti Mauricio Puliti CFO AgroGalaxy

“The market is pricing ESG as a mean to produce value. At AgroGalaxy, we are improving the communication of our practices so as to offer more transparency and security to stakeholders.”

Sheilla Maria Pereira Albuquerque Sheilla Maria Pereira Albuquerque VP Business and ESG

“We believe in the transformative promise that we have by reason of our close relationship and daily contact with the nearly 25,000 rural producers we serve. Therein lies the great ESG impact of AgroGalaxy to bring in innovative solutions to our customers for profitable agricultural production with reduced environmental impact, since the idea is not only to reduce, but also to neutralize and even make it positive throughout time.”


2030 ESG Positioning

We work to be the best partner for Brazilian farmers in implementing sustainable production models that maximize productivity and profitability, aligned to environmental preservation and socioeconomic development. By doing so, we have associated three key commitments, each with its own goals, which comprise a total of ten goals. All of them will be linked to the compensation of our employees.



Innovative Solutions

To offer innovative solutions, with the best technical support for farmers to implement more sustainable protocols, with gains in productivity, profitability and climate resilience for their rural property.

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Biodiversity Preservation

To join forces for the preservation of biodiversity, supporting the fight against deforestation, with measures aiming at the redress of degraded areas with farmers, including by means of education, financing and models for payment for environmental services, in partnerships with other companies.

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Organizational Culture

To create an inclusive organizational culture that develops and cherishes talent, based on the pillars of Diversity, Integrity, Innovation and Sustainability, expanding the reach of AgroGalaxy for human development in the countryside and life quality for rural communities.

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Goal 1 – To increase billing with biosolutions by 33% compared to 2021

Goal 2 – To decrease by 20% the volume of commercialization of products deemed by WHO to be highly dangerous, but allowed in Brazil, to zero by 2025

Goal 3 – To launch two challenges by the AgroGalaxy Institute for innovative solutions with a positive socio-environmental impact in the countryside


Goal 4 – To adhere to the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program at Gold level: Complete GHG (Greenhouse Gas) inventory and certified by a third party.

Goal 5 – To ensure monitoring in socio-environmental criteria of 100% of the active client portfolio in 2022.

Goal 6 – To implement the Sustainable Procurement Program

Goal 7 – To launch a sustainable financing line for rural producers committed to zero deforestation.


Goal 8 – To implement the Diversity & Inclusion Program

Goal 9 – To instruct 50% of employees into ESG best practices

Goal 10 – To define the ESG Risk Matrix integrated with Corporate Risks

ESG Governance

In April 2021, the Socio-Environmental Responsibility Policy was released, instructing all employees to act in line with the support of sustainable agriculture and contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 agenda. In November of that same year, Agrogalaxy became a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact.

At the end of the year, the Materiality review was concluded to comprise within the needs of the business itself, the expectations of the interested parties. These matters entailed key commitments, defining corporate goals in 2022, with strategic initiatives and indicators for the monitoring of results.

For a more detailed monitoring of established commitments and supervising of achievement of said goals, we have our Sustainability Committee, comprised by the following sitting members:

– Tarcila Reis Corrêa Ursini (Independent Member of the Board of Directors, head of the Sustainability Committee)
– Sebastian Marcos Popik (Chairman of the Board of Directors)
– Welles Clóvis Pascoal (Agrogalaxy CEO)
– Sheilla Maria Pereira Alburqueque (VP Business and ESG Agrogalaxy)

Material Topics


Social and Environmental Impact

In October, it was approved the establishment of the AgroGalaxy Institute, which was officially launched in February 2022, with the purpose of “fostering knowledge, training and innovation applied to sustainable development in the countryside”. With this branch in the third sector, we will act in a structured manner to enable solutions in more sustainable production models, balancing environmental and social needs and connecting rural producers with innovation ecosystems.


ESG –Highlights 2021/2022

March 21
Women on Board, we have earned the seal for having three women on our Board of Directors

Three women have been on AgroGalaxy´s Board of Directors since December 2020. Elaine Schulze, engineer, has more than twenty years of experience in corporate finance. Larissa Pomerantzeff, economist, has been working in finance and agribusiness for over twenty years. Tarcila Ursini, lawyer and economist, acts as an advisor to several companies, with more than twenty -two 22 years of experience in strategy, innovation and culture for sustainability.

May 21
Publication of the Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy

Jun 21
Establishment of the Sustainability Committee, as an advisory body to the Board of Directors

Tarcila Ursini; Sebastián Popik; Welles Pascoal; Sheila Pereira Albuquerque;

Sep 21
Green protocols initiated in the countryside by the TechA team

Green protocols initiated in the countryside by the TechA team

Nov 21
Adherence to the UN Global Compact

Adherence to the UN Global Compact

Dec 21
Materiality Review with comprehensive listening to stakeholders

Materiality Review with comprehensive listening to stakeholders

Jan 22
Update of the Credit Policy by means of the monitoring of ESG criteria by Agrotools’ Safe tool.

Feb 22
Inauguration of the AgroGalaxy Institute


AgroGalaxy has also celebrated the market’s acknowledgement of its outstanding performance aiming at the constant support to a more sustainable, equitable and ethical future.


Agro100 was highly acknowledged by Great Place to Work (GPTW), with 93% of employees stating that the company is an excellent place to work.

Women on Board (WOB):

In line with its commitment to diversity, AgroGalaxy became in 2021 the first Brazilian agribusiness company to be certified with the Women on Board (WOB) seal, for having three women as members of its Board of Directors.

Ecovadis Seal:

Until December 2021, the AgroGalaxy companies (AgroTotal, Grão de Ouro and Rural Brasil) were categorized in the bronze category in the EcoVadis assessment, a global platform that internationally acknowledges the socio-environmental practices that evaluate the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance of companies.

Annual Report

AgroGalaxy is pleased to inform that it has published its Annual Report to release the performance of its businesses and the strategic commitments aligned with the search for sustainability in Brazilian national agribusiness. The document was prepared pursuant to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, Essential option, and addresses progresses in environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects, undertaken in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations (UN). Thus, this document also meets the requirement for Communication of Progress for companies that are signatories of the Global Pact. GRI 102-50 | 102-52 | 102-54

The information presented was substantiated in interviews with representatives of key departments of the Company, considering the material matters raised when consulting main stakeholders, validated by the Senior Management of the Company.