Investor Relations

Status of ESG goals


To achieve 2030 ESG Positioning, AgroGalaxy discloses the evolution of its goals quarterly, related to key commitments and materiality issues and contributions with the ODS.

Agrogalaxy’s Sustainability Committee recommended to the Board of Directors a review of the ESG Goals for 2023, maintaining the Positioning and Key Commitments for 2030.

In this sense, priority initiatives were listed to contribute to the AgroGalaxy strategy in order to:

  • Strengthen the Company’s position as a relevant actor in the fight against climate change, engaging with the entire agribusiness chain (industry, trading companies, producers, suppliers, organized civil society, academia and the financial market);
  • Foster the engagement of internal teams in the sustainability agenda, including Diversity & Inclusion and Integrity in agribusiness, contributing to an increased sense of belonging;
  • Ensure the management of ESG risks identified in all areas within AgroGalaxy, especially in monitoring rural properties, producers and suppliers.

These are the ESG 2023 goals, emphasizing goals 1 and 2, which are part of the corporate goals that influence the variable compensation of all employees.

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