Investor Relations


Our Strategy:

Our growth strategy for the next five years is as follows:

  1. Organic growth by launching new stores and maturating the current ones;
  2. Focus on commercial excellence, through pricing, portfolio, logistics, communication, credit and farmer assistance initiatives;
  3. Continuous improvement in distribution channels;
  4. Digital transformation; and
  5. Growth through M&A opportunities, becoming the benchmark in the retail of Ag Inputs.


We are a Brazilian agro-retail network that seeks to transform technology and services into productivity.


In common with the rural producer, the desire to produce extraordinary results in the field.


With our people and partnerships, help the rural producer to constantly evolve his legacy and become the best version of himself by offering the best inputs, technologies, and services through innovative and sustainable solutions.


  1. Simplicity in relationships;
  2. Agility in the processes;
  3. Collaboration, acting with integrity and transparency;
  4. Responsibility towards people, business and the environment;
  5. Innovation, solving day-to-day challenge;
  6. Courage to overcome obstacles.